Rural Residential Appraisers in Hermosa, SD

At Wedak Appraisal Services, Inc, we specialize in agricultural, rural residential and rural commercial properties, and we’re one of very few rural residential and rural commercial appraisers in South Dakota qualified to examine Indian trust property as Indian land appraisers. We have over 40 years of professional real estate appraisal experience and we’re certified general real property appraisers and licensed to perform appraisals throughout North Dakota and South Dakota.

You can trust us for appraisal for a wide range of situations, including:

  • Right-of-way disputes
  • Sale or purchase valuations
  • Estate settlements
  • Property partitions
  • Financing valuations

We Offer Expedited Land Appraisal Delivery

Often when you’re in need of the services of rural commercial and rural residential appraisers, you have a strict deadline and many situations call for accurate land valuation quickly, with little time to spare. Here at Wesdak Appraisal Services, Inc, we understand your need for urgency, which is why we’ve adapted technologies and processes to cut down on the time it takes to get you results.

Our Indian land appraisers offer standard delivery of your finalized report via USPS Priority Mail, as well as the option to receive your files digitally. The complete digital report comes with all of the maps, photos, sketches, signature and addenda as a physical file, only in PDF format, sent via email. As a result, you can view, print, replicate and share reports quickly, without having to waste time waiting for physical documents to get to you.

Quality Land Appraisals & Courteous Service throughout North & South Dakota

Because we take into account every aspect of the land, its features, and its history, we’re able to provide you with a complete, thorough depiction of a property’s true value. This comprehensive approach has made us the go-to rural commercial and rural residential appraisers in South Dakota.

Whether you need an appraisal for an upcoming transaction or you’re learning more about the compounding value of multiple parcels of land, the rural residential and rural commercial appraisers at Wesdak Appraisal Services, Inc are here to assist you in getting the appraisal services you need to determine the value of your land. Contact us today at 605-255-5507 for more information.

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